Friday, 28 June 2013

Count them one, two, three

I have achievements. I need these right now, because I am sunk in the struggles of a miserable solitude, and have to tell myself that life is not a prison sentence in which I have another ten years to do before I can push the door open to the other side. Here are three achievements then, in no order of specialness.

1. Gave Shark away to the nonny-headed Woodcraft Folk.

I am so delighted they exist, those space cadets with their ever-optimistic blue skies. For Shark, they must be a welcome antidote to me, whose speciality is acerbic observation served with an extra squeeze of lemon juice. Poor girl. I want her to run about the outdoors with her happy days hippie chums.

This camp, she has been wanting for ages. It is the one where all the kids are set the challenge to feed themselves for the entire weekend. They hunt in packs, so if you are in the Thetford area, bring Tibbles indoors. Shark hasn't been making her bows and arrows for nothing.

(Not really. The leaders bung them thirty quid and drive them to the supermarket. I hear last year's solution to the mummy-isn't-here-to-cook-for-me problem was pan-fried frozen pizza.)

2. I went for a swim. With nobody with me. Not a Shark, Squirrel, or Tiger. On my own. Not a horrible experience. In fact, I felt it was improved about 100% by not having anyone with me. But at one moment while sunk in the pool, up to my neck in water, I felt a sudden feeling of loss, not having anyone wanting me to do anything for them, and no-one caring whether I was there or not. I began to wonder what I was for. I suppose if I were to drown, someone would eventually ask about supper or gaze in bewilderment at the laundry pile.

3. Second time this week to see the sparkling Mikron Theatre! This evening, Don't Shoot the Messenger, a play about the history of the postal service from the 1500s to the present day.

No small task, but the Mikron team made it thoroughly enjoyable, with jokes, stamp collecting, and singalong. Go and see it if you can, especially if you recently lost your village post office.

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