Saturday, 8 June 2013

Edgehill battlefield tour

Did I mention my new passion for taking Shark, Squirrel and Tiger to walk the battlefields of England?

Here, only the pictures. I'm not pinching the knock-out narration of our excellent, hugely knowledgeable guide. Although at some point I may be lucky enough to re-enact the battle formation game.

Now, for the stories, you must simply find the walks, and brush up your boots.


Irene said...

How much imagination does it take to envision the battle fields with all the dead and wounded and the war cries? Do you take sides while you re-enact these scenes in your head? I would always be for the underdog.

Grit said...

what has impressed me so far irene about the narration of the tours is the scholarly approach which gives us walkers an all-round perspective of how the battle unfolded - which moments became, in hindsight crucial - but also the focus on the people who came to be here. i don't know whether i take sides, but i think about why people fought and what consequences have followed. it all provokes a great deal of conversation with the kids, that's for sure!