Saturday, 22 June 2013

Full blown Saturday

Meanwhile, in this house of holes. The following list, suitable for a sort of round-up Saturday.

1. I am in the midst of an astonishingly ungrateful temperament, probably thanks to the fact I am metamorphosising into a lizard with my medical miseries, but my short temper is surprising, considering we have the lovely Fizz staying to sparkle up proceedings. Fizz, child of nature, walks barefoot, dresses in soil, and celebrates the moon. She is an antitode to all horrors in the world. I may have to kidnap her so she can live here forever.

On second thoughts, maybe not, since she is leading Shark, Tiger and Squirrel to the irredeemable with her call of the wild. This afternoon they set fire to the lawn while making nettle soup and pretending to cook a mammoth.

2. The hole in the office roof is mended. The roofer man came, and now someone just has to shovel the crap from the kitchen floor where it fell in some months ago. Maybe years. Never mind. After the last argument I made it a point of principle never to tidy up the office, and now it seems I must live with the consequences.

3. It was the Habitat and Woodland Management Youth Group this morning. I say the HWMYG because it sounds fancy-schmancy. It is just a bunch of teenagers crashing about the outdoors, sometimes equipped with dangerous tools, led by people you might trust to nurture wounded pigeons, but probably not closely monitor teenagers with hacksaws. (This, to me, is a plus.)

4. Tiger went to help backstage at the local drama group. That also sounds better than reality. She stands around looking helpless until someone in pity asks her to pick up a chair and move it two inches to the left.

5. I popped in at the Scouts jumble sale and emerged battered, clutching the series of Jean M. Auel's Earth's Children for 80p. It doesn't look like the sort of stuff I'll read, but it might be in the range for the gritlets when they are tired of Michelle Paver, Overlord of All. I suppose it is not written for teens, but so what. On a quick flip I couldn't see too many references to straddling and the paleolithic detail looked well researched, so it will do.

6. I resolved to learn the fighting jumble sale technique. I clearly don't have it; I have an ankle wound, arm bruise and sore rib. I will scour the local paper for more jumblies and get stuck in.

7. Regretfully I had to say no to the offer of a craft stall. Saturdays are full enough, and we already had a double booking which left me sending apologetic emails at 7am this morning.

8. I started the dreamcatching notebook, which I am liking very much. I have to make two, just in case someone buys it.


Irene said...

You are too vague on your medical problems and I don't know how much to worry. Shall I light a candle for you at The Our Dear Lady Chapel? Not that I am catholic or anything, but it has been known to work.

Fiona said...

jumble tips: arrive early to queue, pretending you thought it started the hour before; have pockets full of 50ps you can thrust 1 or 2 over if you get ditherer who won't commit on price; avoid anything on hangers; grab fistfuls of stuff & get price on all together rather than waiting for individual items; ask if they'll mind your swag so you're not encumbered with it

Grit said...

oh yes please irene, lighting a candle would be perfect. i have tried many other things, but not that. xx

fiona, i am in debt to you. this is the real tactical stuff i need.