Friday, 11 October 2013


Waste valuable day light, itching to smash things up. Not because Aunty Dee is making a flying visit and I must excavate the cellar (again), a place where Squirrel is now routinely gone to haunt, nor because I stab my finger (again) with the leather needle while stitching the divine item below...

No, it is because I am trying to do something for my marketing, and I am told I must set up a Facebook page for Knicker Drawer Note Books.

But I hate Facebook, pure and simple. If I could stab it, bash it, hurt it with skewers and throw it from the top floor of a building into a fast-moving river below where certain death awaits, then I would do that, oh yes I would.

Tsk, says Dig (en route to Slovakia). He says I have not got the hang of FB.

I should ignore him. It seems to me he is constantly wasting his life checking FB for pictures of dinners that are anticipated by other people. I note he has never put up a picture of the dinner I serve him.

Anyway, that is by-the-bye. Facebook, so Dig says, helps people find you. I don't want people to find me, I answer. I want them to find Knicker Drawer Note Books. Incidentally, FB won't let me use that name. Pass another skewer.

Well, after a lot of thrashing about, stomping, cursing, and pointing at the monitor screen on my laptop while yelling rude words, I have achieved something. Although I'm not sure what, and don't hold your breath for the pictures of dinner.


Clare @Rich_Strange said...

I've just deleted my FB account, otherwise I would definitely like your page (or whatever it is - can't see now!). But I follow on here and on the knicker drawer blog. Tumblr is another good way to market things...

Kelly said...

You know Grit, i've found FB to be fairly useless at bringing in new business. Everyone says you 'have' to have a business page, but unless you're on it all the time, and advertising, and running competitions, and using your massive personal friend list to help you, it doesn't actually do anything. Except give you another thing to split your attention and take up time you could be using to make stuff. Maybe i'm just doing it wrong, and FB is not really suited to socially introverted, technology minimising hermits happy in their solitude-like myself.

But i'll go and like your page.I'm the one kissing the goat.