Thursday, 24 October 2013

Preaching to the converted

I think it's a fear adults have. 
But maybe the entire school-choosing population should heave a sigh of relief. I mean, we home educators have been carrying forward the whole nature-experience and practical-skills learning thing for years, what with bat boxes and ditch digging; defiantly calling all this mud and wood an education.

Maybe too, the entire venture should be campaigning for longer school holidays, greater opportunities to footle about with den-building, less kid-tick-box-supervision all round, and also for protection of the green belt.


Tequilamonkey said...

This is pretty much how I feel. I went to the project wild thing website and it was asking me to commit to swapping "screentime" for outdoor time. This isn't a problem I feel we have.

Grit said...

hi TM! yes, I thought it reflected the fears and wishes of adults rather than the experiences and understandings of children - but maybe adults changing their screen time ways wouldn't be a bad thing either!