Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cancel this one

Don't talk about the journey today to Cambridge, in which everything went wrong from start to finish. Don't mention the arguments, the unicorns, the dollies, the late start, and the way that the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences closes at 4PM ON SATURDAYS.

What a stupid time to close when the Grit retinue only arrives on the bus at 3.30pm. We snatch a quick look at Darwin's South American rocks then get booted out by a keyjangling curator with a fixed stare.

Just don't talk about it. And don't talk about arriving in the middle of nowhere in Suffolk in the darkness, having left a message on a mobile phone stolen two years ago, to discover Big Bro in a domestic having just sold the sodding bedroom we sleep in, aka the old beatup caravan on the drive, so now me and three squabbling kids are mucking down in a front room heated like a furnace having divided up bed provisions which include eight sofa cushions, a flat cat, and a tea towel.

And I don't care if this blog post makes no sense whatsoever. Because when I am that sad old Grit reading her own blog posts in ten years time I want to come back to this day and wonder what the hell was going on.

Right now speculating I might return here and find only a confused state of misery is a more comforting thought than to think that by then things might have got so bad I look back to this day and consider in retrospect it was probably one of the happiest days of my life.


Maternal Tales said...

Award for you at mine x

mamacrow said...

Flat cat? oh lord, not that stuffed fake cat thing? how awful. i can't even say what I usually say 'cheer up, it could have been worse...'
lots of (((HUGS)))

Michelle said...

C loves the Sedgwick! The Sedgwick that she has been unable to enter on the last four attempts to visit it. Once because the queue was too long (Special open museums day and far busier than expected), once because it was closed to install the fab new Darwin exhibits, once because they suffered power failure and once because she was ill and so we stayed home (missing out on Darwins rooms at the college too).

So we've still not seen the Darwin stuff.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

hmm, may have missed some of the finer details, but I'm surmising that this was a pretty cack trip. In particular the sleeping on the floor bit, I do hate to sleep badly.
I think this was a low, not a high.

sharon said...

Consider it cancelled!

Grit said...

hi mt! thank you!

hi mamacrow. i am sulking really; i rather liked kipping in a beat up old caravan on the edge of a field. but don't tell anyone. i like to maintain the image of a glamorous good time girl.

michelle, i am so glad it is not just us! the darwin part is not as big as i expected, given how long that part was closed off, but it is as densely packed with information as elsewhere, so recommended for several hours. and it maintains that lovely museum in-the-style-of-pitt-rivers feel.

hi, pig! mostly the disappointment of my favourite bedroom disappearing. and had i known, i would've packed the blow up mattresses. (but only the ones where i've mended the holes.)

thank you sharon. we can do better days, no?