Thursday, 22 October 2009

If evidence were needed

I forgot. It is my current mission to show you how home educators abuse their children by forcing them to socialise.

Here is a bunch of home ed kids at the regular Mad Science workshop. Socialising. If that's the right word for this point.

I guess socialisation is what any government lackey calls this activity in schools - when everyone sits down and stares at the teacher - so we'll call it that here, for the benefit of those challenged by more than one interpretation of the s-word.

At this point, a home educator would say, Socialisation? We do it all the time. There you go. Photographic evidence.

But I know for any government lackey peering into this blogging home ed world, this is all merely further damning proof. These photographs are simply evidence of how home educators find the surest way to damage their offspring, academically, psychologically, and socially, literally guaranteeing them a life on the streets.

I can hear them thinking how they might represent the hazard home educators present to mainstream society.

They can present the casual, ordinary way we expose our kids to the danger that is other home educated children; they could tell you how we coerce our kids into sitting down while a teacher type person tells them about atoms, molecules and compounds; or how we force children to breathe each other's sweaty smelly breath in closed halls and rooms, with doorhandles crawling with swine flu bacteria.

And if that fails, those government lackeys could leak to the press how those damnable home educated parents laugh when they abuse those child innocents by forcing them to queue.

But then there is the proof staring straight at us all.

The government toady will cry, Of course it is an inadequate education! It should be stopped! The evidence is right there! In front of your eyes!

Not one of those kids can be learning anything. Because not one of them is in UNIFORM.


Angela said...

Sorry, government lady, in Germany we don`t even HAVE school uniforms! Now where`s your point?

Moohaa said...

Well my kids are home eds as well and we don't use a specific curriculum. You should see the other mom's faces when they hear this. I couldn't possibly know what they need to learn and when.

Grit said...

this is fantastic, angela; looking at education round the world really does expose how arbitrary our own rules are. Years ago i went to classrooms in brazil where the uniform was blue denim jeans... how might kids in england like that uniform?!

hi moohaa! you are right; i work here with very broad ideas, like 'must do something with er... maths... english... science ...!' i think given that scope, we do pretty well!