Tuesday, 17 May 2011


What is this strange happening? Every message I post to Freecycle simply disappears into the intersphere, never seen again!

This is very odd. Everything was working last month when I got rid of three bags of craft fabric. But now, I have sent six messages from three different email accounts and nothing. I have had to hold a one-hour international Skype call to Dig in the Asian subcontinent to tell him the urgent news that I cannot get rid of the toddler car seats to Joan who lives six streets away and has a friend with twins.

I am beginning to suspect things. Like, the National Trust may have a hand in this conspiracy. Is it they who are steadily removing all evidence that I ever lived in England? Is it they who 'lost' my details from their database, who removed my name from the electoral roll, and who are now up to their trickery with my little home on Freecycle?

If so, the moderator might be in on it. He promptly responded to my message of concern with the suggestion that I screen grab the automatic message maker box and send him a copy.

I'm sorry? What is he saying? Perhaps he is trying to tip me over the edge into a complete phobic reaction and nervous breakdown. Then he and the National Trust can make me disappear from all records FOREVER!

Well, I shall subvert the subverters! I am sure to be passing your house soon. Who wants a bag of Megablocks, an inflatable swimming pool with only a few leaks, two vacuum cleaners that nearly suck, five child car seats, a box of plastic play food, a bag of dressing up clothes, a drawing board, three fuel cans, a duff Epson printer, and a beat up old piano?