Friday, 12 August 2011

Gentle days

It is a gentle August here, is it not? Mostly house-related and moth-obsessed.

I think this is normal for home educating types. We tend to avoid the peak season crowds of visitor attractions, the endless queues, huge motorway swells of holiday times. We wait until the schools go back. If you leave school behind come September, that's one of the first delights you'll know: freedom of space to move.

For me, it's an August of less dashing about England, much less than I anticipated, even in these final days, when I feel time run out. The children have asked to stay close to home for gardens, and toys, and books. Everyone's aware that soon enough, it all changes.

But since I am providing not much by way of amusement/education for the little grits over this long summer - except to ominously rattle an IGCSE exam syllabus in Geography in their direction - I take Tiger and Squirrel to the woods. Here they can fool about in trees and do stuff with ropes.

It leaves me free to wander off and photograph the ground.

As you can see, I take simple pleasures and am easy to keep content.

Shark is away all this week with PGL. Strange, I haven't missed her at all. With twins, the house falls quiet and I can crawl about the carpets with more ease when fewer people stand on them. Anyway, PGL are better parents than me, because they feed her pudding and are enthusiastic about zip wires.

I feel a little guilty about that last bit, so I tell Tiger and Squirrel that their rope swings are the best. And back at home, serve plum and cinnamon crumble.


sharon said...

I'm a firm believer in divide and conquer . . . and bribery . . . :-)

Nora said...

Were you photographing the ground so you won't forget what England looks like?

Grit said...

i agree sharon. bribery is a much abused notion. surely it is only 'reward in anticipation of your cooperation'.

yes nora, that is absolutely right.xx