Thursday, 4 August 2011

More horse related woe

Here it is. The daughter thief. Snatching fresh victims! Whinnying with mockery to trample on my pain. What torture this is to me. The daughter thief has won! It eats all my money, steals all my daughters, disdains my cares and leaves hoof prints on my soul.

You, you dreaded horse - how I resent your charms and secret powers - you have now stolen away not one of my daughters but two of my cherished daughters! Can the pain end here!

Tiger, her heart was stolen so long ago. I, foolish parent, in a moment of weakness, hoisted the four-year old girl children over the saddle edge 'to get a better view'.

Oh stupid, unwise folly filled parent! I had no better view of the future! I did not forsee that horse will seize this moment, capture the youthful spirit and never return her to my mortal concerns! From then on, it has been, on Tiger's lips, all horsehorsehorse!

Tiger, I have wrestled with my heart. I have had no choice but to watch you slip to worldofhorse. There is no guard I can raise against it.

But Squirrel! Noooooo! One week living with the stables, while mama vainly seeks to justify this on the basis of some educational mishmashery nonsense, now she is taken too!

It is all woe to me now. WOEOWOWOWOEOEOEOW.

These, to my eyes, now become instruments of torture...

And this, the power I have left to resist.

Oh fishies, be friends to me! I have but one daughter left! Do not let my fin-turned daughter Shark be lured from your watery grip!