Friday, 22 June 2012

City of Caves

I cannot make my camera take pictures, as cameras are supposed to do. No matter what I try, it claims it cannot remember anything more, then says it must go and lie down as it is tired.

I loudly press all its buttons, jiggle its brain, give it a good talking to, and slap it about a bit.

Nothing. So I have no pictures from the City of Caves attraction for you. Squirrel says I cannot photograph underground anyway. I beg to differ. This is Nott'm, city of ambition and enterprise. They can turn dark into light if they wish.

The City of Caves attraction is quite good; better than I was expecting after the sales talk from the desk (there are caves... you can't go down all the caves... the caves are private... well, we have a couple of caves... um, they are just caves, really). But the attraction is much more than that! The information on the walkie-talkie audio is dramatically and engagingly presented, and the caves are dressed up a bit to represent various historical periods. I enjoyed it. Although I became confused about where to stand and walk, which irritated the children, given there is only one way I could actually go.

This is our education, not just being on holiday, even if it looks like it. So here is the output. Squirrel said it was very good and she particularly liked the pebbles; Tiger declared she learned so many things she could not say exactly what; and Shark said, How many hours till five o'clock?

Sadly, we have to leave Nott'm and all the caves, private, or otherwise paid-for at attraction rates, because Shark is camping this weekend with the WF, in the wood at Thetford.

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