Saturday, 9 June 2012

Proper England this is

Take Squirrel and Tiger to see Can you keep a secret? by Mikron Theatre.

Shark is not with us. She remains intoxicated in a field, whispering to badgers and singing sweetly to dormice. I suppose I only have myself to blame for the way she has turned out.

Well, Mikron Theatre is excellent, and you must go out of your way to see them. Here they are. They will be travelling this summer by road, canal, into your waterside spaces, at your pub, through your community halls, on your village green. Go and find out where they are playing, watch them, applaud, and give them your money. Otherwise they're broke.

Mikron Theatre are indefatigable, which is one reason why I love them. They are also fantastically English. With entirely traditional forms - pub drama, song, rhyme, dance, story narrative, rousing catchphrase, political allusion - they bring alive the people who have made local, social history: the working class, labouring, crafting, rebellious and dissenting workers in the agrarian and industrial revolutions who toiled in coal, canal, soil, industry and brick back yard. People who have shaped the place we live in, and whose ordinary lives have been lived passionately and fully.

I love 'em. And the Yorkshire accents. I love those, too. Go and see if you agree.

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