Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Naming Day

Squirrel declares today her Naming Day. This day is a bit like the joker in the pack.

In this household you can suddenly declare Today is My Naming Day! Then the entire household must run around making you a sudden focus of attention; organising presents, creating cakes, blowing up the balloon from the science kit, and generally making up a great fuss.

Don't begin the Naming Day joker, that's my advice. 

I never took anyone's advice about anything, which might account for a few of my life problems. But I began the Naming Day because I have triplets, so have put myself beyond advice, except from the other outnumbered parents who are in the same boat as me. 

Well, obviously, triplets share the same birthday, which pisses them off. To make sure each child knew for sure they were special, unique, and treasured as an individual rather than one part of a three-part set, I began the Naming Day.

It has been the bane of my life ever since. It is usually declared in the most awkward of times, allows for very little planning or preparation, and involves much running about trying to please everyone.

The consolation for me is that each child can pull it only once a year.


kelly said...

Love the second picture! Is she guarding the cakes from sisters (and.....maybe Mothers??) or is that a satisfied "today is mine, MINE" :D

Irene said...

So naming day doesn't have to be announced ahead of time? You can do it one morning when you wake up?

Grit said...

kelly, the very idea of a celebration somehow makes the cakes taste sweeter than normal, isn't that right?

irene, the rule is you must set a date in advance and tell us all, so that we can prepare. but we have many rules. few are obeyed.