Thursday, 28 June 2012

Evening walk

Dig is here before he changes his passports and heads off to Brazil for his pimping job. This is okay by me. It is good to have a co-parent to help out. He gives the little grits a lecture about pie charts, makes the television work, and hands me back a camera that now takes pictures.

Yippee! Here then, the wildlife walk through the SSSI, ancient woodland and lowland heath. We saw no adders, but we did see the fantastic hole in the ground, the one the local folk - against all evidence - defiantly call Dick Turpin's Cave. (Only works if Dick Turpin was a gnome, travelling 200 miles out of his way to find an obscure hole in the ground in the middle of a wood.)

(Yes, that last shot is Dick Turpin's Cave. Don't all rush to it, that's my advice.)

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