Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dunno. Maybe a Norman reenactment

A happy band of education-wise parents take their offspring to the delightful Forest of Marston Vale!

  Idyllic countryside offering peace and relaxation amidst the joys of nature. 

(Aka, set of old brick pits, ex-industrial sites, gravel bowels. Now wooded up, pimped up and, with a cafe, ready to party.)

I would show you pictures of what our happy band of students did in their play date educational outing, but they all ran off after this shot and we didn't see them again. We wise elders took advantage of our leisure time outside the cafe where we sat puzzled by the thing called sun-shine.

After three hours it was, sadly, time to cease discussion of womanly things like best-suitcase-packing-strategy and saggy bosoms, and depart. We flushed the juvenile party out from a bush where they were hiding, whittling bows and arrows in preparation to defeat the enemy. No need. We came prepared with ice creams.

A remarkably peaceful day. (And educational too, I'm absolutely sure of that.)

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