Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ephemeral and useless? Sounds perfect.

Whizz to Milton Keynes IF Festival for the 1926 Lotte Reiniger film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed with live score by musician Mira Calix.

Yes, I agree. I am one of those spoilt home ed mamas who don't earn their own wage, am destroying everything of equality that feminism worked for, live a pointlessly vacuous life, and am nothing but a ruthlessly selfish, ambitious middle-class parent destroying the community, everyone else's educational futures, and the nation's cohesion.

Er, I suppose it's no defence then, to claim this dash across country is to provide Tiger with a scenario for her future? Employment in movie animation with electronic sound trackery?

I suppose you're right. And I agree. That claim I make - education - is wearing a bit thin, even to me.

I'm whizzing over to see the 1926 Lotte Reiniger film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed with a live score by musician Mira Calix because I am totally self-indulgent. I'm not missing it.

This is Grit Life Plan A. Do what I like, avoid paid employment, follow curiosities, and enjoy a self-indulgent lifestyle. If someone else is paying, thanks. Am I really to sacrifice Plan A so I can spend a life in dedication to someone else's great enterprise? My heart groans. Do I have to give away my whims, fancies and desires for the benefit of all? I think I would rather provide everyone with a social service by being uniformly resented.

And after Prince Achmed I have tickets with the Hat to see At The Tipping Point. I'm not missing that, either.

It is true though, that this astonishing acrobatic performance, with an even more astonishing stage-becomes-screen, induces a sense of my earthly doom and my general uselessness for a moment, yes.

But it quickly gives way to my conclusion that we're all stuffed! Better make the most of the day, waste not the time, and indulge myself in what pleasure I can. Put like that, life lived ephemerally seems a good enough option to me.

And, hopefully, the evening reassured Tiger that no matter what a person's desire - animating wooden rats, bashing away at a computer sound system, or suspending yourself from a metal wire - we all, on our own accounts, produce unique moments of wonder. Annoying people along the way is just part of the deal.

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