Sunday, 22 July 2012


See the delightful Dior-tinted Big Toe of Grit. Here it relaxes, taking the lovely Suffolk air, having fun, CAMPING.

PROOF that I have put up a tent at HesFes and not died in it. Additionally, I would like to say that I actually have slept a night in it!

Honour is satisfied. Dig owes me a fiver.

But the campsite at Stonham Barns is very lovely. It has six toilets and a shower. Maybe there are some 750 people here. Who can count?

Oh look! I see how my very lovely brother lives not far away from this centre of all alternative education action taking place this week in Suffolk!

He possesses, I note, certain living essentials. Like walls, doors, roof, curtains, functioning toilet, shower that some kid isn't occupying with the sole aim of washing the dog, bed, and bedlinen (get it yourself: Val has kindly departed the house in a huff, in anticipation of my imminent arrival).

Ahem. HesFes is a wonderful place where the children can live the autonomous dream, is it not? Here you are surrounded by like minds. You can let your children run free, safe in the knowledge that they will sort themselves out with friends, workshops, lectures, books, discussions, free play, music, practical tasks, films, public speaking, washing the dog in the shower, threading knitting needles and tent pegs in each other's hair, painting themselves blue, and feeding happily on breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you bung them a tenner every morning and mutter Be off with you, young autonomous types! Psst. I'll be back tomorrow, after breakfast.


Dave H said...

I probably walked past your tent several times during the week.

funkyhan said...

Argh! Totally didnt spot any of you!

Grit said...

hope i was smiling, dave!

you probably did, funkyhan, but just didn't know it. ;)