Monday, 15 October 2012

But not doing the rom coms

Ran the Shakespeare workshop. That means, gather a group of home ed kids in a field (saves the hall hire), choose characters (we have some great exhibitionists), run through the plot (key twists and turns), game-play themes (have you any idea how hard it is to find non-cooperative games on the internet?), and make sure I wrap it up in an hour (quick and energetic).

Just look how things have changed! Years ago I could have wrought Macbeth slowly, watching the pain as he dwindled and pined through weeks of slow-drip torture, all locked in a classroom embrace together - him, them, and I - until we met our bitter twisted destiny, not even the sniff of a live performance to sustain us in our final crawl towards death.

Just think! These days I can kill him stone dead in a chill field in under an hour, then book the am-dram seats for next month.

Next workshop? Hmm, possibly Hamlet? I'm thinking theme: we could all take to the field on a grey blanket day, stand in a circle looking philosophically miserable for 59 minutes, then stab each other with cardboard swords.

The benefits of home ed: you get to do what you like, how you like, then run off to play, 
like we were doing anything else all along.

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