Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hidden in plain view

Home educated children aren't hidden - they are peculiarly visible.

I read Graham Stuart said that.

He who is Conservative MP for Beverley and Holderness, Chair of the All Party House of Commons Select Committee on Education, previously member of Children, Schools and Families Select Committee.

Love him, hate him, vote Tory or Loony, tell me he's no friend of home ed, this wolfman dressed as lamb, I can't help it. I love that word, peculiarly.

Anyway, home educators don't have thousands of people coming with his power connections and from his social networks, observing in public that our corner is peculiarly visible.

So I'll take it and use it. And add a picture. Shark, Squirrel, Tiger, last week, 2 pm, in a park playground, with a dozen home ed kids meeting for their usual runaround. Could be any day, any park, near by.

See? Never believe they're hidden. Home ed kids are visible and, better than that, are peculiarly so.

(Photo taken from Mother Grit's supine position, who you can report, is obviously smashed on gin.)

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Fiona said...

Phrase first used by de Tocqueville, it would seem from google