Friday, 8 February 2013

Chemistry solution

Crikey! Those chemistry molecule building sets are expensive, aren't they? We can't afford those! Home educators don't get any financial help for this life you know!

Fortunately, I find one set in a charity shop (cost one pound) and a member of our Chemistry co-op brings along their Salter prize for the kid science fair (free).

But in the event, I note both sets are rejected. This morning I zipped to Scrapstore on the hoof between the second-hand furniture shop (another bookcase) and the Co-op (reduced bread) and equipped our session with plasticine and rigid plastic straws. They are totally preferred by our mini chemists thanks to the squishy tactile nature of the squeezy clay and the fun of building with straws.

Please, Chemists, do not pop my bubble and point out our faults. Consider instead how fantastically resourceful are we home educators (and broke).

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