Sunday, 3 February 2013

Whirlwind touring

Never meet people you only know from the Internet. That's my advice.

Well I obviously don't follow that nonsense. I'm constantly meeting people I only know from the Internet. How else am I to meet people?

Today we're meeting Rachel, straight from America, come all the way to the British Museum, just to see us!

Alright then, that's not strictly true. She might have some work-related intention here, but we march her round the BM regardless. So she hasn't slept for several days? SO WHAT. There is Egypt to see! The British nicked it. It's ours. Here it is. And the Greeks. And the Romans. Anglo Saxons? OVER HERE.

She crawls off eventually, not before we're frogmarched her to some more mummies.

But look, she's gone already! Now I must share my three favourite items with you.

An astrolabe, a mechanical dinner bell, and a pair of old shoes.

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