Tuesday, 19 February 2013

In medias res

I am in the middle of an owl obsession. I'm all round eyes, mean stares and ripped apart mice. Yet if it would yield something! Ah me! The exquisite creative pain! Trapped by stroking leather, brushing suede, and fondling feathers.

But I must remember! This is not a blog of notebookery torture. This is a blog of home education achievement! And the education is immediate, whereas the owlery takes time.

Simple then, in our home educating household, while my head is working out about stitching feather to suede, I can chuck some Ten Ticks Website about, complain that no-one is reading Chemistry, then invite Tigger round and declare the day's education is concluding with Family Fun Film Night, aka Media Studies.

We watched The Artist.

That, people, is one clever, witty, sublimely layered picture. I loved every frame, every second, every line, and every moment. If you haven't watched it, do.

(Education is easily solved. Owl notebookeries, not so quick.)

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