Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Art in the Park

One sooper-dooper event from the Parks dept. Squirrel and Shark go off art trailing in the wood. It's like orienteering with art. Can we find the first post? Yes, thanks to the parks department sticking up a twenty foot blue flag that reads 'Event Here'.

At the first post we make collage landscape art with tissue paper and cut out pencil drawings. Then it's off down the woodland path to find weaving, using sticks as frames and lots of grass and flowers as warp and weft. Then we're off down the trail again to find the spot where we lie down on the ground and look up, to wonder at the sky and the tree-tops, which we draw with charcoal and chalk. Finally, off we go to model clay trees with lots of seed heads and grasses stuck in for added effect.

Squirrel and Shark think it is all tip top.

And Tiger's at home having some therapy. Dig is spending one to one time with Tiger to do Big Talk.

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HelenHaricot said...

your parks trips always sound fab