Thursday, 16 August 2007

Sasha has left

About 9.30 this morning, actually. Without a word to the children or to me, Sasha knocks on Dig's office door, says 'I'm going' and promptly exits the front door. Well that's the first bit of initiative she's shown in all the miserable days she's been here.

So Sasha, in your absence, here are the best bits.

We're at Verulamium. It's time to get in the car. I give Sasha the keys and say the car's in the car park Sasha, you can't miss it. Open the doors while we gather the kids and follow you. We get to the car, locked, and spot Sasha, head down, off at a trot, well past the car park, marching off up the road, high on the hill now, disappearing on the A-road probably, off into St Albans. Where are you going to Sasha with the car keys? Are you on drugs?

It's lunch. Sasha's been here for a week now. She sets the table for five people then sits down in mummy Grit's place. Sasha, have you noticed there are six of us? Six! Have you noticed that? Never mind Sasha, I'll pretend I'm working anyway and eat lunch in the office.

When we asked you to teach the children German we did not have in mind 'Scheisse'.

Looking at the vacuum cleaner and asking 'How does it work?'

Saying 'I have never done THAT before!' and pulling a face when you're asked to do something that's really weird. Hmmm. Now what was it that I asked you to do? Oh yes, I remember. The washing up.

Locking yourself in your room.

Abandoning Shark to walk home alone.

Telling off the children at the table for eating in the wrong way.

Mummy Grit's face when she discovers you are actually aged twenty and not seventeen.

If only I'd had chance to say goodbye.


HelenHaricot said...

good riddance. horrified at shark walking home thing. she needs a good kick - and I'd write to her parents a reference - ie that she is not safe to do this again.

Michelle said...


these boots said...

Thank scheisse for that! :-)

Phoenix said...

I wonder if she was a little slow?

I worked in a dayare once. Full of young girls with barely enough brain cells and common sense to manage to tie their own shoes, but they somehow thought they could 'look after' young children.

They also did a lot of staring off into space, twiddling with their hair, and generally being neither use nor ornament.