Thursday, 25 December 2008

Just because it is free, doesn't mean it is good

Ha! Mummy Grit secures a two hour free skate at the local ice rink for Shark, Squirrel and Tiger.

Which shows how super cool is mummy Grit.

Actually, she is more than cool. She is totally frozen. Because in her haste to snatch up this Christmas day bargain, she forgets that she has to sit at the side of the ice rink at -10C for two hours.

The only consolation in this misery is that Dig gets to sit alongside me, and thus I subject him to the total frozen experience too. We sit there for two hours and discuss the advantages of marriage.

As opposed to divorce.


Mr Farty said...

Doesn't Mummy Grit skate too? It keeps you nice and warm, all that staggering about hanging onto the barrier like grim death.


Um, Happy Xmas?

sharon said...

Next time take a blanket and some hot water bottles! Shame Dig didn't take the lucky gritlets solo while you attended to the vegan roast etc ;-) At least you would have been warm.

Jaywalker said...

Hip flask. That is all.

Angela said...

And what ARE the advantages of marriage?
I would have skated along, too. Loved it as a teenager, can even go backwards. Can`t you borrow shoes there? Try next time, but don`t forget the hip flask!

Anonymous said...

Flask of mulled wine...mmmmmm.

Did you and Dig come to any conclusions?

Grit said...

there is no way on planet earth anyone is getting me to strap metal blades onto my feet and step onto an enormous plate of ice. that is not a sensible thing to do for a woman who is within kissing distance of 50 years of age.

on consideration, for a fee of one million pounds and a mercedes, you can do that to me and film the result for youtube.

grit and dig will stay together until one of us drops dead. it is only fair and proper that we give each other as much grief and misery as a human being can muster and inflict upon their chosen life partner. daily.

Merry said...

Arguments against divorce can be encapsulated in one conversation, put on perpetual loop to keep you busy until death....
"Who keeps the children?"
"No you!"

My children have a ice skating coach as a godmother; we explored the pleasures of skating considerably and i discovered 6am training - and cold.

My children do ballet.