Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Somewhere there is a plan

Grit goes beserk in IKEA and buys tables. She then thrashes around at home, throwing herself to the floor, weeping, gnashing teeth, wailing and tearing clothes before springing up and becoming irrationally aggressive, demanding hammers and screws that work.

On the plus side, she now has tables with legs.


sharon said...

Tables with legs are always useful. I find the legless sort don't quite do somehow!

Jaywalker said...

The yellow and blue death star claims another victim. I am observing a minute's silence, sitting here, laptop balanced on my IKEA Whythefëckruörange table cloth.

I am cross about the advent calendar now. bastards.

blogthatmama said...

The record in our house is 12 hours to assemble a child's bed from Ikea, you're very brave!

Brad said...

I'm convinced that all things Ikea are designed to make you mad.

Grit said...

hello people, thank you for your comments.

jaywalker, all i can say is that we have an abandoned angel who squats on top of the house, strewing misery and disaster in grit's life. it probably extends to the mail system.