Friday, 27 March 2009

Car journey

Thank goodness Shark, Squirrel and Tiger do not suffer from an irrational fear of car journeys, forcing me to pull over on the hard shoulder of the M25 so they can chuck up their guts over the crash barriers.

Thank goodness too they are in control of their bladders. And me of mine.

And praise be for mama's foresight in acquiring a box of nose tissues especially for the car, so when the sneezing fit strikes again we do not need to strap sanitary towels to our faces like before.

Today the holidays in the shires must end. We have to hurtle up the country to arrive on time at the forest school which Squirrel and Tiger adore. They would sell me to raise the cash to attend if that became necessary.

Well, I tell them, you better not sell me yet because I need to drive you there. I may even do it badly, by swinging the wheel around with one hand, so don't photograph that, Squirrel.

I won't, she answers. And then adds, sorrowfully, And it is sad that I do not have the photograph of that time you drove home with your elbows.


The Gossamer Woman said...

We almost got to see a picture of what you look like. Well, we got to see you from the back anyway. That's something.

Potty Mummy said...

Having been away I haven't been able to comment on your last few posts something like 'I know that place! That's my manor, that is!' or other similarly edifying comments. But I would have, and those places are - my manor. Or were, before I became a London townie through and through. Hope you enjoyed yourself...

Kitty said...

You do realise I'm now going to have to try driving with my elbows ... just to see if I can do it?!

I'm afraid you'd be frustrated with my kids. The eldest is actually growing out of her car sickness, but the youngest can do it within 20 mins of leaving home :-(


Grit said...

the front is hideous, irene. do not look, even if i am bold enough to stick up the fizzog here.

hi pm! i have loved wandering through the shires, and may do so again, and i hope spontaneously!

kitty, really, i deny ever driving with my elbows, although, like you, i am now desperate to try!