Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Of course we home ed everyday

Squirrel and Shark are chucking up their guts. Simultaneously. Must be some weird identical twin mind thing, because usually they chuck up one after the other. With Tiger following we can wade through sick for days. But I seem only to have one sick bucket, which is inconvenient. I think the other one is at the bottom of the garden filled with pond water. Don't look at me.

Of course the sick is a new excuse for education everywhere. I remind Squirrel about Darwin, spending his days hanging over the side of the Beagle. I ask her would she like to do that for two years instead of 24 hours. Then I offer to get out the map book and show them the sick route around South America.

Strangely, Squirrel, with her face in the toilet, says right now this isn't helpful.


mamacrow said...

ooo, I really sympathise. but lots of yaking does tone up the abdominal muscles... or so you'd think...

The Gossamer Woman said...

Now Grit, you can't make an educational moment out of everything. Sometimes people just have to puke unencumbered.