Wednesday, 19 May 2010

250 pictures of blurred butterflies

Proudly we bring home that selection from Wild Britain. A place I would recommend for primary age children, if only they would nail down the sodding butterflies in the rainforest walk. That at least would prevent Squirrel grinding down her teeth to stumps with the sheer frustration of the impossible task: capturing just one beautiful specimen of flapping butterfly loveliness.

In the end, we cheated, and photographed a DEAD one. Now you just have to guess which one.


Belgravia wife - sort of said...

Beautiful photos grit but I'm with you on nailing down the sodding butterflies -I have a phobia ! Moths too !

Kestrel said...

It's the blue one.

emma said...

Top tip: icecream liberally applied to the fingers usually gets the butterflies landing.