Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sentimental old git

I don't post half enough on this blog to reflect a passion I have. To do it justice, I would need another blog, but I already got too many of those, so it must share this space.

Here is this passion, hidden, alongside the other daily. It's in here, amongst all the disjointed ordinary and extraordinary. It's in this life with kids, home ed, people we meet - the people who teach us to gaze adoringly at lichens or bees or flowers or Meccano or stars - all jostled and shook up alongside everything else: politics, bigmouth, braindead mush, random shots of headless bodies in cupboards and, beyond it all, sunlight streaming across fields.

But this passion, it is constant, and gives me pleasure, everyday.

Art with kids, art by kids.

I could say a whole lot about that. But instead I'll just say thank you. Because today, as I watch Shark, Squirrel and Tiger select colours and shapes, and compose them into new wholes, I know I haven't made their thoughtfulness and care by myself. Thank you to all the people and artists who've worked with us, in studios, galleries, scout huts and community halls, across woods and fields. Thank you for continuing to inspire us with your ideas, through your stories, on your blogs, by your photographs; in crafts, ideas, successes, failures, creations and imaginings.

To all you people, far and wide, who've helped my kids in so many ways you'll never know, thank you.