Sunday, 16 May 2010

That's what I need. A hedgehog.

Courtesy of a day out with St Tiggywinkles.

And now it's really tough, thinking up reasons why we cannot keep a little cute baby hedgehog in a special tiny box with a hand-knitted blankie to clutch, right next to our beds. Then we could cuddle up with a three-legged wistful looking deer and wake joyously next morning to the soft quack quack of a friendly funny bird with a wobbly wing and a dangly leg. Because that is what we want to do with our lives. Oh yes, it is.


Michelle said...

I had a pet hedgehog one winter. He was surprisingly cuddly.

sharon said...

Being a horrible cruel mother I always pointed out the necessity to clean up after said wildlife which are generally incontinent and uncaring of where in child's bedroom they pee and poo! Seemed to work quite well ;-)

Belgravia wife - sort of said...

I think I have come up with a commercial winner - co-operative time share in animals. Several families agree to pitch in with costs and provisions - take turns with said animal and when the Mother hits the wall or the novelty just wears off we pass it on. I guess there should be a sub clause 'expiration' i.e. if it dies on your watch you replace it ! What do you think ! x

Grit said...

michelle, we had a pet hedgehog for all of an hour. I found him in the road and I LOVED HIM. I made him a bed and gave him a blankie and hot water bottle and everything. Then he crawled away to DIE. I am still in recovery.

i never thought of that sharon. they poopy. can i toilet train a hedgehog? if i made him some little steps?

hi belgravia wife. that is a fantastic idea. can we put in for a reindeer? that has been on the list for a while. and a killer whale, jellyfish, and otter.

i guess you could start with pets that do not become attached to their owners. a goldfish? but how would you post it on to the next petneedy?

hmm. i think there might be something here, but the business plan might need attention.