Monday, 27 September 2010

Next week Squirrel sets up a market stall

Squirrel is making a place for herself in Hong Kong life. She's watched how things are done here, and she's picked up the principle of trade with expert understanding.

Today she departs this house wearing her sunhat acquired from Seahouses, Northumberland (red, pink, white, sewn ribbon, acrylic) and returns with an entirely different titfer altogether (pink, bleached blue pattern, cotton).

'Squirrel, where is your hat?'

'I traded it with the woman who owns the sparkle shop opposite the bins. She wants to show my hat to the ladies who sew for her. She said she wanted to make lots of hats like my hat. I said she could borrow my hat for a week in exchange for a new one. She gave me this hat which I do not have to give back' (glows with pride) 'and this'. (Deposits on dining table two sewn mice wearing Russian backpacks, one pot pig, and one Hello Kitty ornament playing football.)


LittleBrownFrog said...

Sounds like a great deal to me!

kellyi said...

I would send her out with the weekly shopping money - sounds like she knows how to barter!

sharon said...

Score one for Squirrel, definitely send her out with the housekeeping money as long as you can be sure she stays out of the Sparkle Shop ;-)

Moohaa said...

Go Squirrel! Impressive.. :)