Friday, 3 September 2010

Thinking fondly of English drizzle

In Hong Kong, it rains. How it rains. Remorseless rain. Power shower rain. Pumped water rain. Storm drain rain. Sci-fi-water-movie rain. Bladerunner-without-the-laughs rain.

Intermittently, separately, we all go out. Without each other. Escape from the house, into the rain. I stand under plastic awnings and tin roofs in narrow streets and listen to orchestra of rain.

Look on the bright side. This is rain. Only rain. Not the worst rain. Not black rain. Not howling sea rain. This is the edge of typhoon warning 1 rain. Just passing by.


sharon said...

Hey we're in stereo, it's persisting here too, complete with thunder and lightening in the distance! Thankfully no typhoon (we call them cyclones) though. Rain drumming on the tin roof and running through the downpipes, reminds me that we really must save up for a rainwater tank, so useful in the Summer when we get no rain for weeks/months at a time.

sharon said...

Probably should amend that to 'lightning', not much 'lightening' going on at the moment ;-)

kellyi said...

It's odd the things you miss, who knew it would be the rubbish weather!

MadameSmokinGun said...

Does it help or hinder the cockroach situation? (Silly question - I know cockroaches aren't bothered by anything so trivial as a typhoon.) Does it help the air con problem? (Trying to look on the bright side here.) Obviously not helping with the dumpster. No you're right, it sounds crap. Hope the blistering sun comes out again soon then!