Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Doing practical

One of the reasons I come over to grit's day is that I can cover myself in letters and roll about in words. Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they don't. No matter. I like to play with them.

There are other reasons too. grit's day is here because it pisses off Maureen's sister's friend. She knows sod all about home education, and I like to think this blog is a counter weight, and shows her a thing or two.

The blog is also here because I truly have a terrible memory. I feel I must keep a daily record of a primary education somewhere so I can go yahboosucks to any local authority anywhere.

And if the blog is a help for other people considering education out of school, and that would make me feel good.

But sometimes I have to be practical. So for a week or more, grit's day might become a captioned photoblog instead of my usual wordy way. Forgive me if I sometimes turn off the comments too. You can say hi! by email.

(There again, nothing's certain in this world. I will probably forget this resolution within the week. Something will set me off, and I will urgently write an essay about it.)

But, in the spirit of a new resolution, here's a grit's day photoblog: Practical science lesson at the beach.

Or, The triplets are squabbling and the beach is the only place where I will not throttle the lot of them.