Saturday, 6 November 2010

I should stop trying to write it


Big mamma frog said...

No...keep writing it. the vid is positively 2D compared with your descriptions.

On the plus side, the vid makes scabby England look like a show home lol. However, all the way through all I could think of was 'How come she's managed to upload a 4-minute video onto Blogger when it keels over if I upload anything longer than 20 secs?'

See I'm selfish through and through.

Kestrel said...

In honour of your incredible gritty blog I've awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award. Come on over if you'd like to accept.

Grit said...

big mamma, it's a great video, especially in that you can see what a village vehicle actually looks like. i have spent time trying to describe a vv for the benefit of the world, and i have failed. now look! it's that chuggy, one-driver, mini-truck thing! they're the only daily vehicles and they do everything round here that can't be done by boat, foot, bike.

as for uploading video, i dunno. i am not technically abled. switch it off and switch it on again is as far as i go.

thank you kestrel! you are very kind!

Sam said...

So different to here - obviously ;-) I would be uselessly hiding out indoors until it all became more familiar. I think you're doing a brilliant job in just getting on with it.

Kelly said...

Boy that brought back some memories for me. Have you guys visited Cheung Chau? Very similar to your island I think. At least it was, way back when we lived there. Do you have the morning pig butchering to wake up to? And the unforgettable sounds of the funeral processions?

Grit said...

thank you sam!

kelly, we have not yet visited cheung chau; it's on the list! we've had some strange cantonese operatic singing taking place at the local ball court today. (i don't know why i thought of that in response to the pig butchering question.)