Sunday, 28 November 2010

I am in disconnect

Strange. I could have sworn that lunch was composed of lemon-flavoured cold remedies, and pudding was to have my lifeless body propped up in an audience at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to experience two hours of Cantonese Opera.

From what I can recall, Cantonese Opera has the sound equivalent of a parrot in a claw fight with a tom cat, and has the visual puzzle of two or more giant fluorescent faces hanging expressionless amongst five hundredweight of sequins.

But I may have been tripping on Strepsils. At some points the faces started spinning, while the sequins waved fake weapons then lunged at each other with sticks.

By the end I became numb. I may have floated off into some sort of cocooned out-of-body experience. From a long way away, Tiger turned to me and said now she could see the point of learning Cantonese, because then she could understand the amazing opera with the fantastic costumes, beautiful make up, and lovely singing, all of which she enjoys so very much, so please can I buy tickets for the full five hours?