Thursday, 25 November 2010

You try photographing triplets on a ferry


Rachel M. said...

I love these photos! Even though they are blurry, they show a slice of life almost like a short stop film. Thanks for sharing!

Michelle said...

Oh wow. Pics like this make me miss you guys all the more. xx

Gweipo said...

do your kids mind that you blog about them? or that their photos are online?

MadameSmokinGun said...

OMG what WOULD Maureen say?

All that fresh air will go to their heads. And as for letting them build stuff on the beach with some serious flotsam - WELL! And you have the gall to be including OTHER children in your depraved activities. Tut Tut Tut. Lock them all in an over-crowded glass-sided box at once and tell them to stop talking. That's the proper way to socialise them.

I just don't know what you're thinking! Don't come running to me if they start developing real passions that they have the freedom to pursue in the real world. Kkhhhhh.......

Kelly said...

Oh, I so need this blog. I really get my girl fix here. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I love my boys dearly, but I am definitely now waiting for the granddaughters to show up. Meanwhile Cory babysits two little girls once a week, and sometimes I drop by to "help."

kellyi said...

I tried to photo the kids in snow today. Big mistake.

Ended up with me screaming at them to JUST.STAND.STILL for one minute in a line.

They pelted me with snowballs the little $%@# (insert rude word of choice!)

Grit said...

hi rachel, the composed photo shot is a non starter, isn't it?! i'll have to creep up on them when they're not looking.

michelle! i think of you folks often and i'm really looking forward to hearing c's french!

hi gweipo. i keep talking about this with the kids, and i think their answers deserve a full post which i'll do in time. in short, they are easy going ATM.

Shark adds, 'When I want you to stop writing about me I will tell you'. She's unambiguous about this, even when i put up as many arguments for/against/everywhichway i can think of.

as for pics, choosing home ed draws attention to you in public in a way that school does not (which is why it's so ironic in the uk to be told that we are 'hidden'!). and, um, unfortunately, we make an exhibition of ourselves in public everyday, somewhere. i guess we are on a lot of pics now. and a few cctvs too.

hi mme sg, we are safe from the fresh air in hk thanks to the almost permanent smog and pollution. but the outdoor interests, we can mainly boast, can we not, we smug bastards?

aah kelly, other kids can be lovely though, can't they? at home we are sometimes visited by a gran and toddler, when going to the local swings and roundabouts becomes a joy. i distinctly remember with my own i longed for the day when they could run up there without me.

kelly, we need a plan. let us approach them with a hidden camera and dress up in something they will never spot. like a tree. didn't that work for the bbc and a tiger?