Monday, 24 October 2011

Another way in

A normal/strange sort of day in which it seems appropriate to show you a photograph of the teacher-mama conversing in dramatic manner with a plastic fish.

I'm not sure I can explain much more.

Except to say, this is how home educating days can pass.

I often think, it is pointless trying to make the normal strange.

I need to make the strange normal.

But I am sure that for Shark, Squirrel and Tiger, it was simply another great day's out-and-about education.

Learning the uses of minced fish.

And what products come from shells.

But I bet that fish, chicken and plant diseases are sure to be useful.

As is a tour round bamboo...

travels through the solar system...

...and rocks. Because whatever we do, I always make time for rocks.

Well I shall bring the lot together. I'll call it an alternative route into a Geography IGCSE syllabus.

With all thanks to the Lions Nature Education Centre, Sai Kung.


Nora said...

Thank goodness that there's always an English translation.

Grit said...

you are right, nora, even though sometimes the chinglish don't make much sense!

Nora said...

Sometimes my dutchlish doesn't either.