Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Assignment day

Spent the hours eating biscuits and rummaging around YouTube for videos on population. Somehow neither were satisfying but both seemed necessary.

Surprisingly, Shark, Squirrel and Tiger are sticking with the routine I've set up for this IGCSE syllabus, even when they complain about it. Tiger will indulge in her favourite whine, then ask 'Can I do geography with you now?'.

So I've set up a slightly school-at-home approach, driven because I have three kids the same age following the same course, and inevitably the learning shapes itself in the form of a class. I even set this up for them to click about and support our discussions. I guess if you have one child following a syllabus the experience is entirely different.

When we have days like today, I feel there has been quite a turnabout from recent years, which sort of shows me how quickly children change and how much their growing and learning needs keep you on your toes. One minute it's all run about in autonomy and anarchy, and the next it's sit nicely at the table, look at the syllabus, and write population density in your workbook.

The irony is, we spent a significant time exploring anarchy while we were signed in to a school-based scheme. And now we're doing the bit that looks like school-at-home while running around town being blatantly illegal.


Melanie said...

Love all you do!

Check out gapminder.com and play about...you'll find lots of statistics (including population) visually displayed.

Warning: site is addictive!

Deb said...

You're a rock star, baby. Don't let anyone tell you different.

Grit said...

thanks for that melanie! i'm adding that to the list for the minigrits!

deb, the only instrument i can play is the triangle, and i can't keep the beat on that. do i still qualify?!

kelly said...

this is a fantastic thing you are doing! My daughter is asking for structure and I'm overwhelmed with the options but this is perfect....you really are a star :D

suzywoozy said...

We're just finishing off IGCSE Environmental management (last exam Friday). We are the autonomous end but the girls wanted to do the course so we put in some structure. I can't believe how much it changes how things feel at home. I even have a whiteboard!!!

Grit said...

i wonder if the structured people will finally let me join their blogring?!