Monday, 10 October 2011

Only good can come

My dear creatoids from Planet Z-01, aka Shark, Squirrel and Tiger. Today has been a difficult day, has it not?

Frankly, it has been hard work for me.

I have had to follow all your pre-teen Care Instructions to assist the shaking back to your rightful shapes of dignity, self composure, and content demeanour after the happy door slamming of yesterday.

These instructions, I have found through trial and error, include the following.

(Apart from pussy footing about in fear I get it all wrong so you unjustly bite my head off and spit out the bony bits of my ears.)

No ironing and no tumble drying. Feeding you instead, large quantities of your favourite dinner to console you. Supplying you with your favourite socks to appease you. Reassuring how your parents love you (even if you are brain-sapping creatoids). Providing a calm environment in which you may consider your options. Suggesting a soothing place to go that is out the house.

I think it has worked. We have all been successful in our own ways in the reparation process.

Shark nearly accepted a hug, Squirrel offered the necessary apology, Tiger kept herself hidden, Daddy Dig pretended nothing had happened (probably the reason we are still married), and I offered a trip out the house to see some old bowls and chipped plates.

Aren't they lovely? Here they are. They make me feel better. I will come and look at them again, to calm me when I am feeling stressy. Then I will occupy myself with further learning about old pots, Kui dragon, Doucai technique and Fencai enamelling.

Ahhh! That's better! Finding out about old bowls helps me heal the wounds while recovering my dignities and aspirations.

Well, we all have our own ways out the pits, do we not? What is yours?


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Nora said...

Coffee and cigarettes and lots of time alone.