Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hong Kong tourism!

Visit Lamma Island!

Fancy a natural haven with no roads and no cars? Where you can hike between ancient fishing villages, over green mountains, through lush groves of banana trees, to reach quiet swimming coves and golden beaches?

Place your footsteps in Lamma Island - a South China idyll - and you could truly believe here is one sanctuary of Hong Kong uniquely dedicated to conservation of our natural and beautiful habitat.

We're soon to change all that!

In only a few short years, as one of the privileged few, you can visit our new Hong Kong tourist attraction - the BAROQUE!

Reserved for the seriously wealthy - the BAROQUE development on Lamma will boast 500-berth marina to moor your yacht, superior concrete harbour facilities, state-of-the-art shopping mall, exclusive hotel, yet more upmarket seafood restaurants, and loads, loads more concrete.

This superior development project will go beyond any point of logic you've ever known before!

Designed to position Lamma Island as a rich man's paradise, you'll be able to use our seriously smart facilities to demonstrate how you have cash to burn.

Imagine, at what ridiculous expense, you could be that exceptional person able to take advantage of our planned redesignation of the island's Site of Special Scientific Interest into Only-for-the-Rich Concrete Deployment Zone.

Consider the possibilities! On this tiny getaway island with no roads, we have plans to build a modern, fully-functioning, and superbly designed car park.

Helicopter in your Porsche, and proudly park it in the space we'll reserve for only 135 private cars. Remember, you won't be able to drive anywhere! This unique and protected island has no roads!

See how you can boast to the world what Hong Kong can do!

Yet not only are we dedicated to development which is wasteful, destructive, and bizarre, you can trust us to truly fulfil the yearnings of your romantic soul.

You can find your satisfaction here, on Sham Wan Beach.

You know that lady of your dreams? The special someone who wears those shoes made for lying down about the town?

Dream yourself, showing her your gift of a lifetime - the pleasure of lying flat with her shoes on the exclusive Sham Wan Beach - a site the World Wildlife Fund for Nature once identified as a special world breeding ground for the endangered green turtle.

Imagine how these rare and beautiful creatures once paddled thousands of miles here, to this spot, and sought to nest.

Rest here to listen as the waters lap against the concrete harbour, and recall how sweet, fresh, and delicious they were cooked to your taste.

Come experience the world of the future. The BAROQUE on Lamma Island.

Showing completely how truly Hong Kong is dedicated to economic gain for a privileged few, combined with the best in environmental destruction.

Living Lamma.
Photos show demonstration in Central.
Strangely apt.
Popular opinion says NO to the Baroque.
The petition.


nappy valley girl said...

How truly appalling. I really hope this doesn't happen.

Mind you doesn't surprise me. They ruined Lantau with the new airport. It used to be more like Lamma (except it did have cars, but hardly any). And I hear Macau is unrecognisable now.

Nora said...

It's a shame that greed seems to be getting the overhand. I bet it's going to happen too. There seems to be no way to stop it. Those people don't seem to care one hoot about the environment. Haven't they already shown that in Hong Kong? The big bucks speak louder than those hand painted signs. It's also who you know, I bet.

Gweipo said...

sad sad sad. But on the other hand, the thing I love and miss the most about HK is that people who are just "visitors" there can get so passionate about these issues ... somehow HK manages to touch people in a way that few other places are able to!

Keep protesting.

Grit said...

hi nappy valley, i think it's inevitable; we have concrete on the right hand, government on the left; beijing at the head.

i think you are exactly right, nora.

thank you gweipo for looking at it like that. i do feel a bit better about the impact on me now!