Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Top marks on educational achievements for today with a session for home ed kids at the Heritage Museum in Kowloon Park run by an actual! live! archaeologist!

Look! Talks and groups and presentations and everything.

(Shows that hanging round in the island bars is now coming in useful.)

In all, the session was brilliant; it's set me off a-looking at sites far and wide to satisfy my old pot lusts.

Nothing much more to add, unless it is that if you ever wonder how home ed works in practice, then this is a fair demonstration - those workshops, meetings and events you see us attend are often simply the results of someone's goodwill.

People make contact, talk, exchange ideas, offer skills, ask questions, find a route to put it into practice, and the word spreads. We do it ourselves, and I'd call that a community, relying on good old fashioned, everyday, stop-to-chat face-to-face communication as much as online social networking.

Incidentally, that was why I damn well hated the Labour party so much, for promoting an agenda which cut into that network and attempted to control it.

Now don't get me started.

In other news, Dig came back from Brazil. He was clutching a bag full of money and wearing a shirt that makes him look like a pimp. Should I be worried?


sharon said...

Spend the money fast and burn the shirt - just in case :-)

Rachel M. said...

Is it the archaeologist we had dinner with on Lamma? She was really nice.

Potty Mummy said...

Of course you shouldn't be worried - isn't that what ALL travelling husbands do? (Isn't it? ISN'T IT?)

MadameSmokinGun said...

Sounds good! You should see the latest pictures of mine from New York!! Red and black fedora an' all!! But if he comes home with loot in his pockets I'd just ask no questions and nick the hat. It would look much better on me anyway.... actually it might be a ladies' hat....

PS hello again - desp trying to catch up a bit with my old cyber world. Hoping to rejoin the cult again.... join us...join us....

Grit said...

hi sharon; this is just totally BRILLIANT... 'spend the money, burn the shirt'. it could solve all life problems at a stroke!

yes rachel... and i have discovered there are more of them!

pm, do not let them go to japan. that's all i'm saying.

mme sg! it is a very nice cult. we do culty things and have baskets. very nice.