Saturday, 19 November 2011

Larging it

I would tell you about Saturday but it was taken over by some music celebration held halfway down a hill.

The event involved listening to middle-aged men playing guitars in someone's back garden. They have normal jobs like office professionals and admin supervisors and logistics experts but come the weekends they all rip the sleeves off their shirts, wrap guitars about themselves, and bash out Pink Floyd anthems. It's like watching some universal law of nature.

Anyway, the afternoon proceeded very rock n roll with packets of digestive biscuits, rugs for the mothers to sit on, and children wandering about. Mine pushed off to hang about with the other offspring who are at an age where they feel humiliated by all parental behaviour, including shopping in the Co-op, so watching anyone's father breathlessly cavort about the shrubbery with a bass guitar is pain 11 on a rating scale of 1-10.

The evening descended much as you'd expect in a wild and busted scenario of the over-50s with a takeaway pizza and a nice cup of cocoa when everyone got home.


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