Monday, 7 November 2011

Thank you to the Canadians

I dreamed I sat on a boat which bob-bob-bobbed its way round tropical islands in the South China Sea. The water churned and the boat rolled.

I travelled like this for a long time until the boat reached a busy harbour. There were fishing boats and coloured flags and people chattering in a language I couldn't understand.

When I stepped foot on the island I suddenly became surrounded by a group of happy, excited Canadians. They were holding two big moose and a baby moose. All the moose were dressed in Scottish clothes and they were celebrating Christmas. They were having a great time playing in a wooden swing. The Canadians then said Do you want this tree? I decided I couldn't carry a tree because I was already holding a Chinese rice cooker.

Then we all boarded the boat again. I sat the moose down next to me and in no time at all I was right back home in my own bed!

I realised it had all been a dream!

Or was it?


Nora said...

Judging by those moose (meese) dressed in Scottish attire, it may not have been a dream. You may actually have a very adventurous life, but we already knew that. Now it carries on into the nighttime, that's new.

Kelly said...

Well, I suppose moose will do, especially ones as cute as those in the picture. But I have never actually seen a real moose, other than at the Toronto zoo, in the 28 years I've lived in Canada. I saw a lovely film about beavers yesterday, and they are also on our money. The beavers would probably be covered in fleur de lys in any self-respecting dream, however. There's a lovely scene in Little Mosque on the Prairie, that quintessential Canadian television program, in which an African immigrant woman, while studying for her Canadian citizenship exam, has to guess Canada's national animal. The clue was, "It's on our money." This means the choices include loons and polar bears. Can you guess which one it is?

Grit said...

nora, life is endlessly intriguing, and the stuff that keeps me going is the detail.

kelly, i am so disappointed! i had the idea that canada was stuffed full with mooses! don't they all get drunk on apples in autumn? (or is that somewhere else with a lot of moose?) i don't know what a loon is, outside the english buffoon/foolish person, so i'm opting for the polar bear. is it?

Kelly said...

Oh, I'm sure there are some drunken mooses lolling about--I just haven't run into any. And our national animal bears our country's name in its Latin one (and it isn't a bear). No, castor canadensis is in fact the buck-toothed little rodent known as the beaver. But my favorite money animal is the loon, a beautiful little ducky-like bird with a very pretty call.