Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Diving lesson 1

I totally understand why Shark wants to learn how to dive.

It is a sport full of attractive men who strip down to their waists, show their chests, and stride about, dripping in slinky black wet suits.

I completely endorse her choice. I will support her all the way, drive her wherever she wants to go, and be by her side in all conditions, especially the tropical ones where they don't bother with the wet suits at all but just the trunks and I bet they are tiny.

Dig says most male divers are probably gay. I say I overheard the demi-god with the chest comment only this morning on his diving life, and his exact words were 'I chill out at the beach everyday and watch girls'. That doesn't sound like gay man talk to me, Dig.

Then he says he suspects they are closet gay.

Nonsense. It would show somewhere, like pink wetsuits and disco music and underwater whistles. I see none of that. Just a lot of lovely men striding about semi naked and wet.

It's a sport I'm going to get into, you can be sure about that.

Shark is foolishly oblivious to the attractions of diving. She is all fish this and fish that.

I say be quiet about the fish now, I need to see if I can perfect my chat up routine on the men at the dive school. I am a woman aged 51 with not much time left.


Michelle said...

Love it :-)

Michelle said...

You got my mum reminiscing about my sister's diving days and accompanying her to dive sites including the ones off Malta. Marco apparently was quite lovely and she needed to be resuscitated several times. All part of the dive training ;-).

sharon said...

It is very noble of you to keep Shark in the water and away from the bare-chested men hanging around on the beach.

PS I would let Dig keep his little fantasies ;-)

Deb said...

All men have to think that men who are fitter or better looking than themselves are gay. It's in the Handbook.

But more pictures, just so I can decide for myself.

Lots and lots more pictures.