Saturday, 4 February 2012

Only five more to go!

We take the Travelling Aunty to show her a good time with the mudskippers down at the Hong Kong Wetlands Park.

It is not a very exciting story. We've been here before. But this time there were no mudskippers. Or Fiddler crabs.

And I forgot the camera.

Then the generally calming atmos and rippling brooks brought out the violent side of one of my children, so I had better leave the tale there, and not narrate the indignities.

Howabout I could do my incredibly interesting Grit facts instead?

Here it is then. Number Two. (I already did Number One! Did you forget? Tsk.) I thought I should make this incredibly interesting fact banana-related as well.

Peek into the Grit soul, number 2.

I can sometimes be very childish.

No! Really! I know I come across as all cultural politics, social science and educational theory in a Jil Sander suit and wire-framed spectacles, but it is TRUE. I have a 12-year old streak in me. It has never quite progressed to age 13.

This results in a very fine picture of me with a banana in my face and a surprised expression.

Courtesy of a family member who should know better, but who eggs me on.

I would just like to say I am not proud of this childish streak.

On balance, I think I would like you not to tell anyone. It might ruin any career prospects I have.


Nora said...

And you are so goodlooking without the banana.

sharon said...

Who is the strange woman on your usually so serious and educational blog? Has your site been hi-jacked?

Grit said...

And CLASSY, Nora. I think everyone should know what a CLASSY GAL I can be.

yes, sharon. it is an ongoing work of art titled laugh or cry live or die.