Friday, 10 February 2012

I shall live there in other life

We have to leave Mindoro Island in the Philippines.

To do that, first they must prise my fingers from the door frame, then smother me with chloroform to knock me out, so I can be carried on board the departing boat without the kicking and screaming.

Take that as a recommendation of these beautiful, delicious islands for tourism. The Philippine people deserve to receive your attention and the many denominations of your tourist coin.

It is a crying shame they have had years of colonial exploitation (thanks, sixteenth century Spain), the bombing of Manila (say hello to the USA) and the brutality of occupation (we don't hold any grudges against the Japanese round here).

Okay, so Britain was no guardian angel (occupied them for two years). It's another of those histories we don't teach to school kids.

Well, if we're going to find out about it, let's put on a good face for it: the BBC/Lonely Planet suggests the British occupation actually 'assisted the Philippine movement for independence'. Indeed. Something they didn't realise for another couple of hundred years, and then they had Marcos.

Me, I loved the place. Even though the brawl with the customs officer over the shells which he tried to extract from my clammy clenched fists was undignified.

I still leave in love, thinking how life is too short for all the lives I would like to lead.


Nora said...

Sometimes it is just as simple as that. You fall in love with a place aand can't leave it. You will be homesick for it for the rest of your life.

MadameSmokinGun said...

This all looks just as I think paradise should look - AND diving!!! Oh yeah. You must have racked up some major points in the last few days? You really can't do this stuff in Tunbridge Wells........

sharon said...

Can Dig be persuaded to find a post in the area so you can continue your International Home Schooling there?

Michelle said...

My dad is looking at selling his house very near that island if you're interested? Or a petrol station with flat over in Manila. Manila not so attractive.

Michelle said...
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