Sunday, 25 March 2012

The reason for any forthcoming silence

Oh look! Dig has brought a new gadget into the house. Tsk. It's all the same with him. Gadget this and gadget that. I bet you! It'll be on the shelf, abandoned, within two months. Just like the micro computer, palm-held doodah, and rubber keyboard.

Uhuh? It's an ipad. Okaaay. It's only a gadget and won't make my brain go funny. Nothing bad will happen. I'll just have a little look.

So yes. I can sort of see why people like their ipads! I mean, it does this and this and this. And it's so easy to use!

What did Dig say? Did he say it was his ipad? I don't think he should have it all to himself. I mean, he has a rubber keyboard.

My brain is starting to turn funny.

Did you go near my ipad? DID YOU? DON'T TOUCH MY IPAD.

THE IPAD IS ALL MINE IPADIPADIPADIPAD I LOVE YOU. Let me marry you, and fondle you and stroke you with my fingers. Look! You have a little button! Let me press your little button and together we can explore all the universe!

I am no longer in control of my brain.

I have nailed up the bedroom door and now it is just ME AND MY IPAD and if anyone touches MY IPAD then they DIE.

I think that it all for today, and possibly forever.

1 comment:

Irene said...

You wonder why Dig didn't think to buy one for you? Did he know ahead of time that it would be so addictive? Does he know you that well? I would have a blast if I had one. I would play with it at every opportunity. xox