Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sick sick nice

There isn't much education going on round here this week, is there?

That's because Shark, Squirrel and Tiger are sick with the vomiting bug. Not all at the same time, obviously, because then we could get it over and done with. No. They are sick on an overlapping cycle of 2 days vomit, 2 days stare at the wall, and 2 days lie down and groan. One after the other.

This is a benefit of having triplets. You get to run your own clinical trials. The first one that goes down, it's all let's make a fuss and run about with thermometers and blankets and make clucky mother hen noises.

The second one that starts, it's Uhuh, I know where this is going.

And the third one that goes down, you get to ignore them for six whole days while you make a lovely sueded notebook called Rock Me.

Ha! Got you there, because it's not a notebook for Heavy Metal or Abba enthusiasts. Not even some oblique reference to hard core porn! Not this one, anyhow. This one is a lovely geology notebook using the idea of an Edwardian lady rock collector.

No, that is not a spoon. It is a polished rock and a soft embroidery tassel.
The tassel just looks like a spoon handle, that's all.

Inside, marbled paper, cords and stitching.
Supplied with rock collecting bag.
And no vomit even came close.

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