Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Returning to normal (sadly)

I have realised that locking myself in a dark room, even with all the excitement and allure of the ipad, is no good for an active girl like me.

Fresh air is a positive antidote to technology, isn't it? Feeling the tingles of sun and wind on my face is bringing me to my senses.

Just lucky then, that today brings another opportunity to experience the great outdoors. Or at least the outdoor bit of the world that kids of any age think is great.

The playground. Where you may see a bunch of tots to teens throwing themselves about. Their parents sit on the periphery ignoring them and complaining about submarine sandwiches and the price of fuel (no, for us it doesn't get much better than this, because everyone complains if we climb on the swings).

Now if you see us enjoying the wind and sun and the movement of limbs at 2pm on a term-time weekday, don't assume we're all neglectful parents, shameless reprobates, or skiving truants. Some of us are recovering ipaddics and the kids are doing the S word.

(Well it had to be the playground. I couldn't photograph the swimming session in fear of being arrested.)

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Irene said...

My daughter has an iPad and enjoys hers very much. I am somewhat envious and envision one in my future also. I like the way she moves her fingers across the screen as if by magic. I want to do that too. I've always wanted to have special powers and that seems to be as close as it gets. xox